You thought that a new sheet and freshly laundered linens made your sleeping quarters healthy and clean?

Think again.

Of all the furniture in your home, your mattress is the most important to clean properly. Your carpets may be walked on daily and your couches sat on often, but you will spend almost a third of your life in your bed; a good reason to think about keeping the space as clean as possible. You may not have ever given thought to mattress cleaning, but you should.

What’s in a mattress, anyway?

Whether you bought it at a local mattress store, or got a a mattress-in-a-box like Dreamcloud, without a proper mattress cleaning, you may be inadvertently hosting a party of sweat, soil, body oils, bed bugs shells, not to mention other unknown residues if you have kids or pets, in your bed. Even if you have a mattress pad, these fine particles are able to get through the pad to your mattress.

Most people move around at least a bit while they sleep, which stirs up whatever is inside your mattress and releases it into the air. This includes fine dust particles and dead skin cells, both of which are precursors to the infamous dust mite.

Dust mites are the prime inhabitant of furniture in your home, and your mattress is a hotbed. Dust mites feed on dead skin cells that flake off and accumulate in your mattress. The mites themselves are harmless although unnerving if you actually see a picture of them, but it’s the enzymes that the dust mite uses to break down those skin cells that causes problems. With a busy schedule, stay on top of the dust build up with a qualified cleaning service like Cleaning Ease.

What’s in a Mattress Affects what’s Outside of it

The enzymes from dust mites are released into the environment when they feed, and it is those enzymes that are irritating to human lungs. This is a risk for people with allergies, as they are more prone to allergy attacks in the night when they are exposed to the enzymes. Doctors recommend proper mattress cleaning to ensure healthy indoor air quality for those with allergies such as asthma, eczema and rhinitis. Other particles that contribute to poor indoor air quality can cause issues such as sneezing, watery eyes, fatigue, throat and eye irritation and upper respiratory congestion.

What’s in a Mattress Affects You

Besides the physical benefits, the knowledge of a properly cleaned resting place will give you peace of mind which contributes to your overall well-being. With your newfound sense of ease, you will be able to rest better and as a result, have better physical and emotional wellness.

If not for your health, but your peace of mind too, it may be time to think about getting a proper mattress cleaning.