Carpets need not be replaced very often, contrary to the widespread view that after a certain number of years of usage, they need to be substituted with a new option in the room. Now, everything looks good when it is new or well maintained, however, there is no need to replace your carpets every couple of years. Instead, try implementing some of the following tips and extend the life of your carpet:

Dirt no more

Carpets, especially dirty are a popular home for dust mites residing in the carpet dust, while pounds of soil easily pile up underneath it every year. Dust causes a lot of damage to the carpet, and generates a lot of carpet cleaning in Red Deer, while contamination promotes the growth of mold in damp areas leading to multiple health hazards. As a good measure, take your shoes off when entering your home, to leave the dirt outside and cut the need for vacuuming.

The vacuum cleaner is your best friend

Frequent vacuuming is a must and doing it thoroughly on a regular basis is an awesome way to extend the life cycle of your carpet. It will help diminish the accumulation of dirt and gravel that are harsh to carpet fibers. Frequent vacuuming, even 2-4 times a week will inhibit the accumulation of dirt and dust into the carpet backing.

Act ASAP when spilling something

Spills will take place no matter what you are going to do to stop them, but if you’re on top of it, be sure to immediately clean up anything solid and sop up any excess liquid. Water damage is a major concern for carpeting.

If you don’t act quickly to clean a spill, chances are high it shall soak into the carpet fibers and padding and cause damages. The spill will eventually turn into permanent stains, and worse, if the spill is acidic, it may even start to eat away at the fibers. Be quick, react immediately and soak up the spill while it is still fresh. It is one of the best ways to prevent it from damaging your carpet.

Move the furniture around

Moving your furniture from time to time is an awesome way to change the traffic pattern in your house. The area of the carpet where people always tread is worn down faster. Changing the path will create a new traffic course and your whole carpet will last much longer.

Rely on a professional help

Most carpets, regardless of their type or size, need a professional to carry out a thorough cleaning session in roughly every couple of years. It is a regular maintenance action which acts just like changing the oil of your car – to make things last longer. Doing it yourself in order to save money might cost you more in the end and might not even accomplish what you wanted.